Misconceptions about taking Disinfectants or antibiotics.

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Disinfectants or antibiotics are drugs used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Cannot kill viruses Relieves inflammation or pain like taking anti-inflammatory medicine. (anti-inflammatory drugs) such as fever reducers and pain relievers. Therefore, disinfectants and anti-inflammatory drugs are not the same medicine.

What are the common misconceptions about this type of medicine?

Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories It has the same properties.

Disinfectants are drugs that have the ability to kill various germs, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses. while anti-inflammatory drugs They have the effect of reducing inflammation, reducing fever, and relieving pain. Therefore สมัคร ufabet, these 2 types of drugs have completely different properties. Can’t be eaten interchangeably People usually think they are the same thing.

Disinfectant is not dangerous, you can buy it and consume it yourself.

You should absolutely not buy this type of medicine to consume yourself. Should be taken only as directed by a doctor. Because if you buy and consume it yourself, it may cause an allergic reaction to the medicine. Complications occurred May cause resistance to the next treatment. and can accidentally kill germs and good bacteria in the intestines.

It’s not true that – if you have the flu, taking antibiotics will help.

Cold symptoms, sore throat from viruses There is no medicine for direct disinfection. In most cases, 70-80% of patients with flu symptoms are caused by viruses. Therefore, you only want to take medicine to treat the symptoms. Therefore, taking antibiotics Therefore, it doesn’t help much in treating the common cold, except when you have a sore throat from a bacterial infection. This type of medicine therefore has the ability to help.

It’s not true that – after getting well You can stop the antibiotics yourself.

You should not stop the medicine yourself. Because if this type of medicine is not taken continuously or in the wrong dosage, the dose may not be enough to kill the infection. (Each disinfectant For treating each disease, it takes a different amount of time) and may eventually cause drug resistance. 

It’s not true that – disinfectants can be stored to be taken later. Can disinfect the whole body.

Not true because of germs There are bacteria, fungi, viruses, each infection. Therefore it is a different infection. In addition, each point that is sick They also use different types of disinfectant. Moreover, the stored disinfectant may not have the full dose that should be consumed. Therefore, before taking the disinfectant or antibiotics Therefore you should consult a doctor. or an expert pharmacist first every time in order to be able to disinfect at the most precise point.

Most people are still confused and use disinfectants incorrectly. This can cause the kidneys and liver to work harder. and can have negative effects on the body in the long run.