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Liverpool and Inter Milan keep an eye on Molero.

Alberto Molero, a 20-year-old midfielder from Las Palmas is attracting interest from many clubs, especially big teams like Liverpool and Inter Milan. Diario AS reported on Sunday that 20-year-old Las Palmas midfielder Alberto Molero is being watched by several clubs. Especially Liverpool and Inter Milan.

Klopp is pleased with Liverpool’ form. 

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp opened up about his happiness with his team’s performance in the opening game against Spurs in the latest match. Liverpool returned to victory again by beating Spurs 4-2 in the Premier League last Sunday. Along with maintaining the hope of winning

Misconceptions about taking Disinfectants or antibiotics.

Disinfectants or antibiotics are drugs used to kill or inhibit the growth of bacteria. Cannot kill viruses Relieves inflammation or pain like taking anti-inflammatory medicine. (anti-inflammatory drugs) such as fever reducers and pain relievers. Therefore, disinfectants and anti-inflammatory drugs are not the same medicine. What are the common